Effect of Serious Political Discussions



These days political dsicussions seems to be the new hot topic and sometimes it takes so much off that the whole discussion moves into something else.The meaning of the word ‘discussion’ is  to exchange ideas.The term ‘political discussion’ is further itself from this very definition.

Most of the times when people have strong mind for a subject they refuse the perspective of other people let alone listen to their speech.We argue and fight rather than exchange ideas which makes the whole point meaningless.


To learn the most from a political discussion you must be open to all sorts of talks.You have to see,think and feel from another person’s point of view.As you don’t have experience some other person has you have to listen to him carefully and let him speak.

If you start a political discussion with someone who has opposite or different opinions and thoughts than your’s than you should learn from them.You should respect them and so should they.If you are rude than the discussion will at once turn into argument making the whole idea meaningless.

You have to always keep calm and have your cool at highest in these discussion.If you can’t you should avoid them.Starting discussion and insulting the opposite group half way won’t help anyone though these juvenile actions.

A good political discussion could have no outcome at all rather than just understanding and learning other people’s point of view and thoughts on a topic.But socially political discussions are important even if you can’t change other peoples mind but it brings a lot in the table during the happening.