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Is it Practical for a Candidate to Run as Independent?

Posted 09/08/15 by Felix Smith and filed under:

feature-1There are certain criteria in running for an office especially if you are running for not just a local but on national election. Though most of the winners of each election, one would recall some famous people who wins national or local election as an independent. Read More→

Some Important Ethics in Joining a Political Party

Posted 05/20/15 by Felix Smith and filed under:

feature-2No difference from having an ethical standard in Business or even in media, a politician should also take note of major ethical behaviors in joining a Political Party… Read More→

The Importance of Having a Two Party System

Posted 03/17/15 by Felix Smith and filed under:

feature-3If you are following the flows of U.S Politics you can either align yourself as with the Democratic or with the Republican (also called GOP). Two major U.S parties that are considered to establish the country of havign a two party system, unlike other countries with lots of partied involved in every local and national elections, U.S preferred to have only two major parties. Let us then see the importance of having this party system. Read More→