Viewsonic VP2780-4k vs Samsung U28E590D 4k Monitor Comparison

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Finding the best 4k monitor can mean different things among people with varying tastes and performance requirements. For some, cost may also be a factor. This review and comparison of the Viewsonic VP2780-4k vs. Samsung U28E590D 4k Monitor is intended to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each unit to provide you with information that will be useful in deciding which would be the best choice for you.

Viewsonic VP2780-4k

This high end model comes with a moderately high price tag in the neighborhood of $1100.00 (USD). The value for cost, however, is present, making it a good deal for what you get. 4k resolution runs the entire available spectrum of the color gamut with individually calibrated screens for consistency and top end quality. Specially designed for CAD/CAM tasks, photo editing and video processing with four touch sensitive buttons for menu navigation. IPS panel with some of the best possible color accuracy and viewing angles in the 27 inch hexagonal screen featuring 3840 x 2160 p resolution. Amazing sharpness with screen density level of 163 ppi. An excellent tool for working with media and a variety of applications.

The monitor is designed with a matte black bezel with a three pronged base for stability. Pivot, swivel and tilt options with VESA mount support with 5.9 inches of height adjustment with capacity for use in portrait mode as well. Easy to assemble with all stand hardware included. 4k connectivity with 4 USB ports and HDMI 2.0 along with DisplayPort 1.2.

Potential disadvantages

There may be a few issues with accessing all of the colors when using Adobe RGB gamut. Access may be up to 20% decreased. Icons and text display may be affected with some apps because of the high pixel count, but adjustments can be made to correct this. This monitor does not include speakers, a headphone jack or card reader.


Samsung U28E590D 4k Monitor

Multitask with the Samsung U28E590D UHD monitor which provides gaming, PC viewing and much more with UHD quality display. Realistic images are powered by 8 million pixels with more than a billion colors so you’ll feel like you’re there. Smooth image generation for still and fast action scenes with 1 ms response and AMD FreeSync. An excellent benefit for watching action movies, sports or for gaming. Fewer incidences of motion blur or ghosting. PIP 2.0 (Picture in Picture), allows for simultaneously watching videos, movies or other media while working o spreadsheets or other job related items for combining work and pleasure or accomplishing more complex tasks at once without the need for opening and closing screens. Full HD for clear and crisp pictures along with position and size adjustment capability for PIP windows.

UHD compatible devices are easily connected such as gaming consoles, PCs and other devices. This monitor features 2 HDMI inputs featuring v2.0 and 1 Display Port input with 60 Hz refresh rate for smooth play and no delay. Eye Saver mode reduces flickers and blue light that reduces eye strain and fatigue. Sleek design in matte black body with metallic rim on narrow bezel and T shaped stand.

Potential disadvantages

The PLS screen can lead to a slight slowing of the response time which is hardly noticeable to most gamers. The brightness is good, but could be improved upon with a level of 300 cd/m2. When tested the levels came out as low as 280 cd/m2, but this doesn’t seem to be a huge problem.

The U24E590D is of course also far from perfect and it comes with its share of little flaws. However, nothing about this monitor really stands out as particularly awful, there are simply some details which are less than ideal. The screen is 24 inches and while it works great for smaller area, it could be bigger for displaying 4K graphics.

Viewsonic VP2780-4k vs. Samsung U28E590D 4k Monitor comparison results

The ViewSonic VP2780-4K is a leader in providing excellence in image quality and coming in ahead of the Samsung in consistency across the entire screen, brightness and contrast. While these are definite pros in its favor along with the larger 27 inch screen, this unit is also heavier and bulkier. It may not work out as well for smaller areas. It is also more than twice as expensive as the Samsung U28E590D and doesn’t offer a full range of advanced features which would be expected in a high end monitor. The Samsung UE 590 is more light weight and slightly smaller which can be a pro and a con, depending upon space availability and desired screen size. The colors in the Samsung are more explicit with a definite advantage over the Viewsonic and more realistic image representations and less motion blur.

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